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PhD Students

Surname, Name Thesis Title Email
Adigun, Ms Belinda Detection of recombinant erythropoeitin doping using a combined adaptive biomarker model and ocular-motor deception
Beckley, Ms Sam The association between collagen gene variations and knee laxity
Buchholtz, Ms Kim Investigation into the injuries and risk factors to injury in multi-stage cycling
Breed, Dr Dorothy Understanding the underlying mechanisms of capture myopathy
Coetzee, Mr Devon
Davidow, Ms Demi Implementing the contact simulator as a training and monitoring tool in Rugby Union
Den Hollander, Mr Steve The development of a skill assessment protocol for rugby union
Dlamini, Ms Senanile Development and application of a biological network mapping strategy to identify susceptibility loci for musculoskeletal soft tissue injuries
Ellman, Ms Nicole Adipose tissue oxidative stress and antioxidant systems and its association with insulin resistance
Evans, Mr Robert The effect of robotic walking and exercise activity-based rehabilitation on muscle activity, health-related benefits, functional capacity and psychological well-being in persons with spinal cord injury (SCI)
Feldmann, Ms Daneil Whole genome sequencing approach to identifying genetic risk factors underlying anterior cruciate ligament injuries in a twin family study
Firfirey, Mrs Firzana
Henst, Mr Rob A medium-term sleep-extension intervention to improve the health profile in South African overweight and obese individuals
Hill, Mr Lee Genetic Risk Factors for Muskuloskeletal Injuries
Lubega, Mr Samuel Best medical care practice in sports in underdeveloped and developing countries ; focusing on Uganda
Lucas, Mr Warren The design and implementation of a patient-centred therapeutic exercise and sport intervention for young people with substance-use disorders in treatment settings: improving behavioural health and quality of life in South Africa
Kemp, Mr Chadley Sleep, cardiometabolic health and neurocognitive performance in competitive computer gamers
Mafu, Mr Trevor
Main, Ms Carey Determination of muscle glycogen levels pre-, during and post exercise using Chemical Exchange Saturation Transfer (CEST)
Mkumbuzi, Ms Sharon The aetiology of pain in chronic lower limb tendinopathies
Nono Nankam, Ms Pamela Arielle Molecular changes of adipose tissue in relation to insulin sensitivity in obese black South African women in response to an exercise intervention
Phiri, Ms Lindo The effect of a 12 week exercise training intervention on body composition, metabolic risk factors, habitual physical activity and sedentary behaviour in obese black South African women
Pienaar, Ms Paula Associations between sleep and cardiometabolic disease risk factors in executive employees
Pujol-Busquets Gullen, Ms Georgina Evaluation of a nutrition and health education program on components of metabolic syndrome in women from under reasourced South African communities
Ramnath, Mr Udhir Physical Activity, Fitness, Functional Ability and Cognitive Performance in South African Older Adults
Webster, Mr Christopher (Chris) Gluconeogenesis and insulin resistance in type 2 diabetics following a low carbohydrate high fat diet
Willard, Mr Kyle The functional effects of proteoglycan polymorphisms on musculoskeletal soft tissue injuries