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PhD Students

Surname, Name Thesis Title Email
Bardenhorst, Ms Marelise A qualitative and quantitative analysis of the long-term effects of Acute Spinal Cord Injuries in South African Rugby union players
Bartels, Mrs Clare The Siketha Ukuba Nempilo (SUN) (We choose to be healthy) Project
Bezuidenhout, Ms Nicole The effects of high fructose feeding and exercise on the regulation of Sirt3 in rat skeletal muscle
Breed, Dr Dorothy Understanding the underlying mechanisms of capture myopathy
Beckley, Ms Sam The association between collagen gene variations and knee laxity
Clamp, Ms Louise
Coetzee, Mr Devon
Cook, Ms Caylee Executive function in preschool children from low-income settings in South Africa
Dove, Ms Mary-Ann Socio-ecological factors in talent development of cricketers in a diverse society
Dutton, Ms Megan The Cricketing Shoulder: Biomechanics and analysis of potential injury risk factors to the shoulder in elite cricketers
Ellman, Ms Nicole Adipose tissue oxidative stress and antioxidant systems and its association with insulin resistance
Evans, Mr Robert

The effect of robotic walking and exercise activity-based rehabilitation on muscle activity, health-related benefits, functional capacity and psychological well-being in persons with spinal cord injury (SCI)
Firfirey, Mrs Firzana
George, Ms Siddiqah Regulation of LCAD and SIRT3 by NAD+ in skeletal muscle of fructose-fed rats
Gibbon, Ms Andrea The application of next generation sequencing technologies and bioinformatic tools to further charactrise the genetic risk profile of musculoskeletal soft tissue injuries
Henning, Mr Franclo Mechanisms of weakness in idiopathic inflammatory myopathies: an in vitro single muscle fibre contractility study
Henst, Mr Rob A medium-term sleep-extension intervention to improve the health profile in South African overweight and obese individuals
Hill, Mr Lee Genetic Risk Factors for Muskuloskeletal Injuries
Holiday, Ms Wendy An analysis of intrinsic factors, performance, comfort and economy in relation to static and dynamic whole body kinematics in recreational and elite cyclists
Johansson, Rebecca
Kotze, Ms Liske The effects of adipose tissue extracellular matrix components on insulin sensitivity in black and white South African women
Lubega, Mr Samuel Best medical care practice in sports in underdeveloped and developing countries ; focusing on Uganda
McFie, Ms Sarah
Phiri, Ms Lindo The effect of a 12 week exercise training intervention on body composition, metabolic risk factors, habitual physical activity and sedentary behaviour in obese black South African women
Pienaar, Ms Paula The health risk profiles of corporate employees in South Africa: lifestyle behaviours and clinical measures of Non-communicable diseases (NCD)
Ramnath, Mr Udhir Physical Activity, Fitness, Functional Ability and Cognitive Performance in South African Older Adults
Sewry, Ms Nicola Effectiveness and Efficacy of the BokSmart Safe Six
Solomon, Dr Salih Outrunning a bad diet: a study of the prevalence of pre-diabetes amongst runners, and evaluating the effect of a low carbohydrate diet on pre-diabetes in runners
Tomaz, Ms Simone Physical activity and gross motor skills in South African rural preschool children
Van Breda, Ms Keelyn The Influence of methylphenidate on brain activity in high and low activity individuals
Venhorst, Dr Andreas Psychophysiological determinants of pacing during prolonged endurance exercise
Webster, Mr Christopher (Chris)

Gluconeogenesis and insulin resistance in type 2 diabetics following a low carbohydrate high fat diet
Willard, Mr Kyle The functional effects of proteoglycan polymorphisms on musculoskeletal soft tissue injuries