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MSc Students

MSc (Med) Exercise Science / Physiology

Surname, Name Thesis Title Email
Ahmed, Mr Safwaan   AHMEDSAF747@GMAIL.COM
Bam. Ms Jenna    
Bangisi, Ms Nzali Match characteristics for different levels of play in rugby
Buck, Mr Rob
Cross, Mr Warwick
Dlamini, Ms Senanile
Geromont, Ms Christina    
Isiagi, Mr Moses
Kemp, Mr Chadley Sleep, cardiometabolic health and neurocognitive performance in competitive computer gamers: a cross-sectional pilot study
Mcdonald, Mr Reece
Osiki, Prisca
Paruk, Ms Tasneem
Rudner, Ms Trinity    
Shackleton, Ms Claire   SHCCLA001@MYUCT.AC.ZA
Sibeko, Mr Sandile