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Ziphelele Mbambo, a promising University of Cape Town exercise science postgraduate student, was the epitome of a true scientist. He was passionate about research and was about to embark on his PhD when he was killed in a carjacking incident in KwaZulu Natal in 1999. A talented long-distance runner, Ziphelele was 33 years old and was just a week away from his wedding day.


Ziphelele's indomitable spirit, so vibrant in life, is to live on in the form of the Ziphelele Mbambo Memorial Scholarship, recently established by the University of Cape Town and supported by the Sports Science Institute of South Africa.


Paying tribute to Ziphelele's academic career, the Scholarship will be aimed at encouraging students from financially disadvantaged backgrounds to pursue their postgraduate studies in the field of exercise science or biokinetics.


In addition to the Scholarship, successful candidates will be offered the opportunity to become involved in the work of the Sports Science Institute during their studies to gain exposure to the practical application of knowledge. Candidates will be offered an internship year at the Institute on completion of their studies.


Should you feel that the Scholarship provides an opportunity for you to demonstrate your financial support, the patrons would be grateful if you contacted Mrs Lesa Sivewright to discuss appropriate ways of showing your support.