Evaluation of the Vuka South Africa Programme

In 2002, the World Health Assembly and World Health Organization recognized “Move for your Health” as the major theme for World Health Day. Subsequently, in 2005, ESSM approached the South African Department of Health with an offer to partner with them, to promote physical activity for health. This formed one of the five major thrusts of the government’s Healthy Lifestyle Campaign begun in 2004. As a result, the “Vuka South Africa – Move for your Health” campaign was launched. Prof. Vicki Lambert was appointed to the Minister of Health’s steering committee which formulated, conceptualised and executed the campaign in South Africa.


ESSM has continued to play a strategic and advisory role in the Vuka South Africa - Move for your Health campaign through providing both the National and Western Cape Departments of Health with scientifically based information and guidance. Three representatives from ESSM (Prof. Vicki Lambert and Drs. Tracy Kolbe-Alexander and Cathi Draper) delivered a workshop to the provincial health promotion officers in September 2007, the focus of which was to provide the health promoters with the background knowledge of the WHO global strategy of diet and physical activity, and to provide them with guidance on the implementation and evaluation of their programmes. Dr. Tracy Kolbe-Alexander has completed the process evaluation of the first phase of the campaign and a document detailing the process and formative assessment of implementing the campaign which will provide a template for other developing countries, particularly those in Africa, who would like to implement a similar campaign.